Center of Cyr-Myth, Home to All

Palanthas is located in the exact center of Cyr-Myth with the Longest Road running through the middle of the city. It was created where the four original regions connect, as a symbol of peace between the first four races. The city has maintained its beacon of peace between nations for the majority of its existence, rarely having to take up arms for protection or war. Palanthas is the center of diplomacy, as well as political intrigue, and the culture is as diverse as the entire continent, condensed into one city. Palanthas has its own law enforcement, and all military not under direct control of Palanthas is banned from the city.

Palanthas is the largest city on Cyr-Myth, easily doubling the size of Yith Kara. With its location and diversity, Palanthas has become not only a diplomatic nation, but also a nation of trade. Palanthas’ entire economy is based on the taxes produced by the merchants. There is a saying in Palanthas, “If it cannot be found in Palanthas, it cannot be found at all.”

Outside of Markadia, Palanthas is the only city containing schools to train mage hands; taxes collected from the sale of goods pays for the enormous amount of mage hands used to make Palanthas luxurious and prosperous for all involved. Palanthas houses one of the three working teleportation systems in Cyr-Myth


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