Human (Military) – ascended with Marcus (Magic)

Martin is the human king that ruled Yith Kara and lorded over the greatest army on Cyr-Myth. When Martin’s Elven wife and son died in child birth, he asked his half-brother, the powerful arch-mage Marcus, to use his magic to bring his family back from the dead. In a vision, Marcus foresaw the rise of Martin’s son as an evil tyrant who would command the great Yith Karan army and enslave the continent, creating destruction the likes that had not been seen since the War of the Dragons. Marcus refused to grant life to the child. Feeling betrayed by his half-brother, Martin declared war on the Silver Lands. Martin and the Yith-Karen army hunted down and killed any magic user outside of the Silver Lands. Most fled all the regions of Cyr-Myth, and back to the protection the Silver Lands and Martin provided. Through murder, execution and the fleeing of the mages, magic in the rest of the continent was all but extinguished. However, the mages were not the only ones to experience heavy losses. Fire and lightning rained down on the soldiers, wiping out whole platoons in seconds, and the reanimated dead were unleashed and devoured the mages foes.

After a year of war with the tide strongly in the mages favor, Martin was ready to accept a truce and call off the war when an unlikely ally, Zen, one of the top arcane generals, offered to make a deal. In exchange for a swampland east of Yith Kara, complete control over all that was arcane, amnesty for himself and a few select mages, and an additional pact that could only be fulfilled by the standing king of Yith-Kara, he would provide the means for destruction of Marcus and the eradication of magic outside of Zen’s personal circle. Zen came through with his promise and struck a deal with the Tors, promising them the entirety of the Silver Lands for their help in defeating the mages. The Tors, known for their resilience to magic, stormed the mage cities and laid destruction to the schools, temples and libraries as they moved toward the total annihilation of magic. Wave upon wave of soldiers and Tors wore down the mages in a final push of destruction. The end of the war was finally within Martin’s reach when Markus sent word to his half-brother, he would sacrifice his own life to save what was left of the mages, but, Martin would have to be the one that killed him. Knowing his brother was weak and exhausted, and wishing to display mercy, Martin accepted.

Martin and his generals rode out to the entrance of Hivara, the largest of the magic temples to meet his brother. Martin approached his brother on the battlefield and as he stepped in for the killing blow, Markus sacrificed themselves in a blast of magic that scorched the entirety of Silver Lands, killed his brother, Yith Kara’s remaining army and the Tor mercenaries.

The two warriors had been watched for years by Cyr and Kriptix, and upon their mortal deaths were taken by the gods to sit by their sides, becoming the seventh and eighth avatars.


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