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An Uneasy Peace

The two continents of Asmere are home to heroes and villains. Magic and steel shape the world, and Asmere is rife with danger and intrigue.

The Secord Tor Uprising ended only nine years ago, and the nations of Asmere are in a period of rebuilding. Treaties and alliances, broken after Donovan opened the Libraria of Cyr on White Isle, were hastily reformed as the nations were forced to band together to defeat the Tors. The continents remain in a state of unease as old prejudices are reemerging without a common enemy. Yet, there is a peace; fragile as it may be, which is enabling time to slowly heal old wounds.

Icewall has expanded their schools for mage hands at the Pale Tower, graduating more students, which in turn has helped lower the price of services across the continents. The production of teleportation devices has seen slow but steady progress, connecting a few of the major cities for quick travel. The teleportation network is currently in its infancy, expensive, and has not been perfected. It took three months for the gnome, Fudbert the Once Lost, to make his way back to Rhuneheim to demand restitution after a teleportation gone awry.

But not all is well. The wizards have begun to migrate back to the Pale Tower, the lone mage outpost that bordered the once Silver Lands. The Pale Tower also serves as a gateway into the Black Ice Wastes, home to the half-orc tribes and their mysterious metal. Lord Luthor, governor of Vallingard and leader of the City States of Vallinar, believes the wizards return to the Pale Tower is a sign they are preparing to war against Vallinar. Lord Luthor has already failed to gain entrance to the Black Ice Wastes, but his determination is increasing, much to the chagrin of the half-orcs who value their privacy and secrets.

In the South West, the golden elves of Court City are expanding their domination over the moon elves, the hosts that took in the golden elves when the Golden Planes were conquered by the Tors. The moon elves are constantly being pushed north into the Moonwalde, and war between the elves may be inevitable.

The eradication of the halflings at the hands of the Tors, the decline of tieflings, and the scarcity of the hated dragonborn pose the potential for a dramatic shift in how the races are viewed on the continents. With the north continent ravaged, many races and people fled south into the lands of the elves and humans. Few races have successfully adapted to the change.

Dwarves, so central to both continents due to their deep ties within the banking community have found the transition to be non-problematic, assuming you do not take into account the huge financial loss due to fewer clientele.

The tinkering gnomes have found their services in high demand around Vallinar as they have been tasked to create new technologies for peace and for war. The first steam powered and armored vehicle was recently produced in Redwall. Although the machine burst into flames within the first two minutes of the demonstration, the gnomes believe it is only a short matter of time before they work out the kinks.

The reviled dragonborn are slowly making their way out of Eastern Val and to the mainland. Nobody is certain why the sudden influx of dragonborn, but they fear the legends may be coming true. The dragonborn are believed to be a major cause for the war between gods, man and dragons, and it is believed their uprising will bring the return of dragons and another war.

Small outposts in the Fel lands, along with the half-orc nomads of the Black Ice Wastes, have reported Tors as far south as Harwood, causing grumblings that neither the mages nor Vallinar’s military, defending the outpost of Firstholm, are as strong as believed. Most troubling are the reports of a wandering blue Tor, larger, more ferocious and resistant to magic. The blue Tors were thought to be extinct, and if a blue exists, it is possible so do the even more powerful yellows. The continents are not strong enough to repel another Tor uprising, and fear is a strong weapon to those that wield it.

Unbeknownst to the people of Asmere, a new threat is on the verge of revealing itself, a threat that the mortals may not be able to defend against.

This is where you find yourself, within the continents of Asmere!

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