Scroll of the White Flame

The White Flame


Day 189 of Year 741
The war of the dragons is over. Yith-Kara has surrendered to Cyr, and tonight the dragons will leave our world forever. I fear for the people’s lives on Asmere, without the divine healing granted by the benevolent Cryx, how will we care for our injured and sick? I prayed to Cyr to not force Cryx to leave as well. She helped us battle against Yith-Kara, even though she had to fight her kin. Should she not be rewarded? Cryx proved both loyal and that not all dragons are evil.

We should keep our faith, yet I am already seeing desertion within our ranks. The High Priest is talking about our end, but I have to believe Cryx will continue to grant her wisdom and divine healing. The land of Asmere needs to heal and the White Flame must remain strong in every aspect. I will have a talk with the High Priest tomorrow.

Day 190 of Year 741
My talk with the High Priest did not go well. His power to heal is gone and he curses Cryx for abandoning him. Last night he extinguished the White Flame, ignited by Cryx herself, cursing her the entire time.

I hear hushed whispers as I move through the corridors. Priests and others that had been blessed with the gift say they have lost their power, and I must admit I have witnessed it firsthand. Our surgeons can no longer heal the wounded brought before us and outsiders are starting to panic. Now is the time we need our High Priest the most, but he has abandoned us. Some of the acolytes are vocal in their continued belief in Cryx. I cannot help but feel an overwhelming sense of pride in these young believers. I too voiced my beliefs, begged for patience, but we were laughed at and ridiculed. Just days before, we were all brothers and sisters. And even if Cryx did remove our powers, we are still healers in mind and heart, we can still administer to the sick and injured. The magic should not be what defines us.

Day 194 of Year 741
The High Priest banished the acolytes, claiming they were spreading false hope. I feel I must leave the temple as well. I have not been outside of Haverghast for nearly 30 years. Maybe I will visit my sister in Oakhurst. It has been awhile since she has visited me and I do love her family.

Day 217 or Year 741
Havl was tilling my sister’s field when the ox was spooked, yanking Havl to the ground and breaking his arm. I knew better, but instinct took over and I tried to heal his wound. I felt the healing surge through my body and his arm was mended instantly. I think he was more spooked than the ox. I must return to the temple immediately. If I am able to heal again, the High Priest must have his power back as well.

Day 220 of Year 741
The temple has been looted and what was once my home has been reduced to hallowed and empty halls. I found the High Priest at the Green Dragon Inn. The Green Dragon Inn… could he have given up so quickly? He was filthy and drunk, shouting obscenities and cursing Cyr for forcing the dragons to leave. It did not take long to deduce his power did not return. I paid his bar tab, but I am beginning to feel he is not the man I thought he was. Maybe if he had stayed true in our belief, the Temple would not have been destroyed, or people not deserted, and our families remained healthy.

Day 221 of Year 741
I returned to the Temple today to begin to clean up the mess. I would have expected it to take another 30 years to do it alone, but I was pleasantly surprised to see Runa. Together it will only take 15 years. I could not help but greet her in the Dragon language.

Day 222 of Year 741
More of the younger acolytes are returning and have eagerly begun to work on the Temple. Again I am filled with the sense of pride as I watch the faithful continue their work. Runa startled me when told me she had the blessing of healing again. She said she felt it course through her body after she returned.

Day 223 of Year 741
Quickly the news is spreading within the temple and more and more acolytes are feeling the surge. They are placing a misguided belief it is me who is returning their power. I have told them not to believe in these false accusations. If our power returns, it is because Cryx has bestowed his blessing on us again. We will continue to work on the palace which should help take their minds off of the impossible.

Day 91 of Year 742
Our numbers have swelled to 200 strong and the Temple is nearly finished. We have donned our robes and will open our doors to the world of Asmere once again.
The High Priest visited me. He still looked filthy, and I offered him one of our rooms and his robes. He refused and cursed us again, saying we only bring false hope as only the light of the White Flame could truly restore the Temple. For the first time, I pitied him. He never believed, I now know that in my heart. He never had the conviction the young acolytes possessed and I now understand why the power had never returned to him.

Day 92 of Year 742
I do not know how to describe the morning. Hundreds lined up at our doors, waiting to be healed. I was overwhelmed and felt maybe the High Priest was right, without the light of the White Flame, without the blessing of Cryx, how were we to help all of these people?
When we opened the doors and as the sick poured in, everyone looking toward me for guidance. This is where the High Priest failed; this is where I was going to stand tall. In the silence of uncertainty, the pedestal before me, the light of the White Flame ignited.


Scroll of the White Flame

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