Yith Kara

Military Might

The city of Yith Kara is the second largest city on the continent of Cyr-Myth, being half the size of Palanthas. Yith Kara was founded on the southern shore in 831 of the Second Age. The name stems from the Tor language, Yith meaning slave, and Kara meaning freedom.

Yith Kara is a nation of steel, foregoing magic in favor of a strong military and advancement in technology. Magic had been forbidden during the reign of Martin, but today the ban has been lifted and mage hands are employed on a small scale by the city. However, magic in general is still looked down upon and is viewed as a barbaric and uncontrollable force with too few rules and regulations.

Yith Kara has the largest standing army of any nation, and believes in the notion of total war. Their enemies are not just defeated, but completely wiped out. Due to their military expertise and power, Yith Kara shares the responsibility with Markadia in protecting the greater continent of Cyr-Myth from the Tors.

Yith Kara is currently ruled by King Luthor, son of King Argon. King Argon, his wife the queen, and Luthor’s two sisters were assassinated during the Great Tor Uprising. The regions of Yith Kara, as well as the city itself, were a primary target of the Tors. The city fell and was recaptured three times over the course of the war. Yith Kara is still in the process of rebuilding, with sections of the city still in ruins.

Despite their strong value placed on military action, Yith Kara also places high favor on cultural growth, particularly theatrical art and grand musical concerts. Many traveling performers get their start in Yith Kara.

Besides military aid, the chief export of Yith Kara is wheat, grown on the rolling hills across their lands. Enough food is grown to keep the military well fed, and profits from the exports keep the military well-funded.

Yith Kara

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