The city of Ralindor is located on the northern tip of the island just off the west coast of Cyr-Myth. It was founded by some of the first Eladrin to appear on the island and has existed on throughout to the present age. Though founded by Eladrin it quickly became a settlement for many of the Elves and Tieflings, coming north from the swamps in the south, that inhabited the island as well.

Ralindor has a long tradition being wary of the kingdoms located on Cyr-Myth and barring a single exception tends to avoid the politics and power plays on the continent. It is welcoming of travelers, but always cautious of those in position of powers back on Cyr-Myth. While not boasting a vast military, Ralindor instead relies on a smaller force of expertly trained Eladrin and Elves to defend the city with magic and archery. The sole exception to their isolation from Cyr-Myth is Ralindor’s close ties to the Silver Lands and by extension now Markadia. With the Eladrin natural favoring for the arcane arts a close relationship was established with the Silver Lands almost from the start.

During the War of Magic and Steel, Ralindor sided with Marcus and offered full support in defending the Silver Lands. Its citizens lamented the eventual betrayal by one of Marcus’ own close subordinates and the resulting teleportation that ruined the Silver Lands into the wasteland that it is today. Ralindor has kept close contact with Markadia, or as close as can be managed given their distance, since its founding but Ralindor scholars lament that Markadia resides so far away. Interest has been expressed at linking the two cities together should the still developing teleporation devices prove usable.

Ralindor is ruled by a king drawn from one of several noble houses of Eladrin with succession rotating to another house when a suitable heir is not produced. Since a few hundred years before the War of Magic and Steel the ruling clan has been House Silverburg. They have arguably held the longest rule among any of the noble houses and this has created some turmoil and rumblings of power plays to seat a new house as the ruling family.


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