Ivory Gardens

City of Magic

The Ivory Gardens was originally a secret city built with Marcus’s instruction during the War of Magic and Steel. The magic towers and cities in the Silver Lands connected to the Ivory Tower to secretly transfer all the mages, books, and magical artifacts away from the cities.

Not everything went to plan, and Zen, one of Marcus’s top generals, took over the city after betraying the wizards, twisted the city with dark magic and named it the Ebony Spire. With Marcus dead, and the might of the ancients at his fingertips, Magic became a hierarchy of learning and the schools were abolished.

Months before the Great Tor Uprising, Sasha, Marcus’ widow, infiltrated the Spire and attacked Zen. The duel lasted hours and power and destruction were reminiscent of the battle between Marcus and Martin, but in the end Sasha successfully expelled Zen from the city.

Renaming the city the Ivory Gardens, Sasha abolished the hierarchy and reintroduced schools of magic. She was instrumental in creating the mage hands class of workers Cyr-Myth enjoys on a daily basis. Today, many schools, much like the ones in Palanthas, are dedicated to teaching young mages in the skills needed to become mage hands and beyond.

Wizards and other people of the arcane who seek greater power however must train in the Ivory Gardens, as no other school exists with the resources and knowledge the Ivory Gardens provides.

The Ivory Gardens is located on the south eastern region of Cyr-Myth known as Markadia, named after the great wizard, Markus

Ivory Gardens

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