The Lich Lord


Zen was one of Marcus’ top generals during the War of Magic and Steel. Although his powers were dark in nature, Marcus promoted the formidable mage to power in a time of crisis and need. Zen proved his loyalty and skill time and again; pushing back Martin’s advancing armies. But his desire for power and disgust of weak mages prompted him to broker a deal with Martin. In exchange for information and magical artifacts that would quickly turn the tide of war in Martin’s favor, Zen would become the uncontested ruler in the emerging Markadia. There was another concession made from Martin, but Zen has currently not collected, biding his time. True to his word, Zen gave Martin the power to defeat the mages, leader to the final battle between brothers, Martin and Marcus, which ended up destroying the Silver Lands and turning it into a desert. With only Marcus’ widow, Sasha, in his way, Zen was able to take over Markadia, warping the city and turning it into the Ebony Spire. With only the most powerful wizards at his side, after the weaker and loyal followers of Marcus died in the blast, Zen’s reign over magic was absolute. Zen did away with the schools of magic, only bringing in those that he felt were gifted to become a powerful weapon for him to wield.

Sixty years later, Sasha was able to infiltrate the Ebony Spire with her mages, trained in secret in Raven Spire and entered into an epic duel with Zen. Dying, Zen fled to the swamps of Banathor with his second in command, Creon. Unwilling to accept death, Zen killed Creon in a ritual to create a phylactery and become a Lich lord. On occasion, Zen has sent small armies of undead to the Ivory Gardens, which have easily been dispatched. Some wonder if he does this as a test of defenses, or if he just wants to remind Sasha that she was unable to finish the job.


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