Leans heavily toward the human side of his tiefling heritage with white-blonde hair, tanned skin, and pale blue eyes.


Nim was born and raised in High Crow Reach, a mountainside outpost just south of Deeptunnel Outpost. He traveled with his brother, Oath, to Palanthas at the age of 16 to study in the library there, then after a couple of years was apprenticed to a mage in Ivory Garden. Six years later he briefly reappeared in Palanthas, where it is rumored he was granted Donovan’s trust and visited the Historical Libraria of Cyr. Shortly after this visit he left the city and has traveled the continent far and wide ever since, returning to Palanthas randomnly.

It is known that Nim’s parents are still alive and healthy in High Crow Reach, and he has an older brother working as a hired guard out of Palanthas.


Asmere Anhaja