Glen Goldhelm

Traveling Salesman and Trader of Fine Wares


Glen was born and raised on the streets of what would become East Watch. Much to the chagrin of the city, Glen would constantly practice his skills of acquiring objects he desired, whether he needed them to survive or not. His ability was so great, that even though everyone knew Glen was the thief, nobody was able to get the required proof to bring him to justice.

This ended when Glen accidently left behind a lock pick after a successful heist of an arms merchant, stealing weapons, armor and a powerful magical dagger. Glen was arrested, but while waiting to go before the judge, Glen was approached by the shop keep and was offered a quest to retrieve a lost treasure in exchange for amnesty and half of the spoils.

His thievery skills would be put to the test, and he relished the challenge, but the shop keep had ulterior motives. The quest Glen was to attempt was one hundreds of thieves and adventure seekers had gone and not returned from. Either Glen would return with riches far beyond what was stolen, or he would die in the process. Both outcomes were acceptable, and more than the shop keep could expect from the courts. All charges were dropped and the shop keep assured the judge he was mistaken, Glen could not have been the thief. Glen immediately set out to fulfill his end of the bargain.

It took only two days for Glen to return with the treasure, and only an additional day to open his own store with weapons, armor, rare magical components and exotic food. As a final taunt, the magical dagger featured prominently in a showcase for all to see. Since the shop keep already testified that Glen was not the thief, there was nothing he could do about it.

First the mage’s from Markadia began to arrive to collect rare components for their intricate spells, then soldiers from Yith Kara came to buy the half-orc quality of weapons and armor normally not for sale outside of Palanthas. Glen rarely accepted gold, but preferred trade, and his collection grew. Gold, he proclaimed, was much too easy to come by to accept it for his goods. East Watch was becoming known more for Glen’s shop (and Glen) than for being the Eastern guardians of the cove. Glen was successful, but he always craved more. After forty years of business, he decided it was time to move on, he loaded up a mule pulled cart with some food, clothing and a small chest of bags, and left East Watch.

For an old and somewhat feeble dwarf, he has no qualms going to the edges of the continent or deep into enemy territories to trade his goods. He occasionally sets up shop in small towns or big cities, unfortunately, by the time the seekers of his goods arrive; all that may be left is a sign with his trademark G. Yet, there is an uncanny knack that Glen may show up when least expected, but most needed, to trade rare and powerful items.

Glen Goldhelm

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