Donovan is a human of indiscernible age, and the curator of the Historical Libraria of Cyr.

Before the Arcane Wars, Donovan was a scribe employed at the Library of Queen Loriton, located within the city of Yith Kara. Over time, his impeccable knowledge of history and zealous work habit caught the eyes and ears of King Niemus, who requested of Donovan to care for his personal library. In exchange, Donovan received a salary far outstripping the head of the public library, and access to the family library within the palace, entrusting Donovan with the books and scrolls containing the secrets passed down by the Kings.

Within months of taking the position, the normally outgoing Donovan became a recluse, and was rarely seen outside of the library; only speaking to the visitors he personally requested attendance with, and turning away all others. Two years later, Donovan emerged from seclusion to resign his position and promptly left for Palanthas.

With months of hype and anticipation, Donovan opened the Historical Libraria of Cyr, which promised to be the most extensive library and collection of books ever assembled. Whispers began to circulate among the nations that among the books for public view would be old documents containing dark secrets, books of magic from the Silver Lands and some of the secret documents from King Niemus’ library.

The greedy and the curious lined up for the grand opening. Rulers from all nations sent spies, scribes and book dealers to steal these ancient secrets, hoping to gain knowledge and power over King Niemus and the mighty Yith Kara army. Not only did the ruler’s men find the secret documents of Yith Kara, they found the King’s entire library recreated down to the last letter. Yet more horrifying, they found the same information on their own lands. Personal letters, records of espionage and assassinations, favorite recipes, true accounts of events hidden from public eye, monetary records and more.

The Historical Libraria of Cyr was the first library open with complete access to every document, freely being read by anyone who walked through the doors, be it commoner or king.

Donovan’s select visitors during his time in Yith-Kara turned out to be hired scribes and spies whose sole job was to hunt down every book and document in the nations private collections, replicate and sort all the information in tomes to be displayed in his new library.

Within hours, diplomats began to demand return of their documents, and when Donovan refused, militia from every embassy within Palanthas marched on the Library.

Although neutral, the governors of Palanthas realized the potential for war between the upcoming nations, and sent their own military to surround the library. Hours after the grand opening, the Historical Libraria of Cyr was closed, locked and heavily guarded.

Two days later, the library vanished, leaving panic stricken guards and diplomats confused and disoriented.

It is said the library is in a magical pocket, with the only entrance and exit available to the ones personally invited by Donovan. His own spies continue to gather secret documents, but nobody knows how to enter the library to retrieve what is theirs.


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